Taking care of family!

“Ever since I was a young boy, I have traveled throughout Africa. The local families brought me into their homes as one of their own. I am family.”



Kenya is an exotic and mysterious land filled with unknowns. But traveling with SKYIN allows guests to safely and securely experience the grandeur OF THE LAND AND THE hospitable people of Kenya. Over the past ten years, SKYIN has developed extensive relationships throughout the country to provide travelers with the most authentic, immersive and secure experience. Our host families are extensively and fully vetted, providing you not only with fascinating new friends, but also peace of mind.


The origins of SKYIN were established to connect people across the world in an authentic way. Having traveled to the area throughout his childhood and adult life, Skyler Mason, founder of SKYIN, wanted guests to share the same warmth and genuine experience of “living like a local”. Before arriving in Kenya, you’ll meet and get to know your host family through video chats. This foundation means no time is lost immersing yourself into your stay, where, upon arrival, your hosts’ familiar faces and bright smiles will christen your in-country adventure.

“My experience in africa impacted my life so much that I want others to experience africa the way I did — with adventure, insight, joy and love.”
skyler mason

Come experience Kenya –
as you never could have imagined and won’t ever forget.


SKYIN is founded on the pillar that the world can become a better place when we share experiences together. A Kenyan mother will take on the name of her youngest child regardless of its gender.

We want to introduce, Mama Joy.

Mama Joy radiates strength and kindness. Through her devotion to the community, she established a grade school behind her home providing local children a resource to improve their circumstances. Her direct involvement with SKYIN since its inception has firmly grounded our company ensuring authentic and immersive travel within her native country. She encourages all to come and see the wonder of Kenya!

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