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The adventure and wonder of travel is often characterized by fantastic and unique excursions paired with lavish and imposing accommodations. And while many places speak to this idea of luxury travel, few minds jump to the continent of Africa. Within this great land, the country of Kenya is uniquely qualified to speak to the elegance and appeal of unadulterated opulence and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Traveling with SKYIN boasts the very best in exclusivity and exquisite accouterments benefiting travelers from touchdown to takeoff. SKYIN seeks to pair the rare journey with undeniable grandeur.

The capital city of Nairobi boasts an array of luxury boutique hotels, providing our guests with graceful accommodations to best suit their wishes and desires. One such extraordinary respite is Giraffe Manor, where the sanguine creatures roam unrestricted on the property, sometimes even allowing their heads to venture through a dining room window for a modest meal. Following days of venturing to magnificent wildlife conservancies, exploring artisan marketplaces and spending hours within an authentic Maasai village, engaging in the daily life of warriors, women and chief elders of the tribe, our guests will have the perfect place to unwind and relax in glorious affluence.

SKYIN also offers an exclusive opportunity in Nairobi for a limited number of guests as well. A lovely suburban homestay offers an immersive experience into the culture and traditions of a host family. Whether staying overnight or simply sharing a delicious home-cooked evening meal, SKYIN offers this unique proposition to truly connect with the warm and welcoming people who call this country home.

Our travelers find their explorations taking them onto the breathtaking city of Mombasa, a sublime coastal destination with SKYIN. With resorts carefully curated reflecting exquisite taste and appointments, our travelers spend their days discovering unique and varied marine wildlife off ancient dhow boats in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, pursuing the vibrant history of the Shimoni Slave Caves and the monumental Fort Jesus, traveling into the Sacred Kaya Forest to share a joyous day with the elusive Mijikenda tribe, as well as languishing upon the utopian and quixotic white sandy beaches. Accommodations along the coast are elegant and conveniently located directly on the water. With the comforts of sumptuous linens within beautifully decorated rooms, each resort boasts a full spa, a variety of translucent pools, and delicious, diverse cuisine at an assortment of restaurants, putting the finishing touches on a memorable coastal visit.

The exhilaration of a safari is not limited to the wonder of animals loping along the savannas but also in the architecturally arresting camps and lodges that SKYIN procures. With well-educated and knowledgeable guides, our travelers are transported within sophisticated all-terrain vehicles allowing for views of all the majestic creatures encompassing a 360-degree radius. Located within renowned national parks and reserves, an extensive range of luxurious accommodations offers the perfect relaxation to end the exhilarating days spent in the wild. Our guests are soothed to sleep listening to the gentle animal murmurings while thousands of stars brilliantly shine over the vast African plains. The photo below is taken at Sasaab Camp Samburu.

This is no ordinary adventure. This is an exclusive journey across the great country of Kenya experiencing the warm and joyous people, extraordinary and exotic animals paired with exquisite transcendent destinations. This is what is meant to SKYIN. These are exceptional, singular and magical moments blending authentic, immersive excursions with luxurious, lush accommodations. 

Kenya, the unexpected.

Last modified: October 12, 2023

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