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Let’s face it. Venturing into the unknown can be full of trepidation. As you step away from your known surroundings to roam the streets of an adventure, it is always comforting knowing at day’s end, a hotel welcomes you back with familiarity. Especially if you are used to the accoutrements of housekeeping, room service, and Belgian chocolates on a pillow at turn-down. But are you truly getting the full experience of what the country has to offer by sheltering yourself at a hotel?

Staying as a guest in a home of a local has a more intimate opportunity all in itself. Not only to discover the hidden enchantments of what is veiled to the tourist, but also as an opportunity to share essential bonding time to connect with the people whose knowledge is unpaired to any travel pamphlet you might find. Many people when wandering into more exotic locations nestle into the security and entrapments a conventional hotel offers. Yet, what knowledgeable travelers recognize is to truly immerse themselves into the wonder and beauty of a foreign land, it’s culture and its people.

Homestay. The word conjures a myriad of images, many of them leaving a distasteful impression of discomfort. What SKYIN does, unlike any other company, is strip away the concerns and angst of being hosted by seeming strangers. By meeting a Host family via video chats prior to departure, the miles and awkwardness slip away and you come to realize you will be staying with real friends. Beautiful residences similar to those you would expect to share closer to home welcome you. Modern conveniences are proffered, and authentic meals are made with loving touches.

Why is this so important? Remember the joy of sharing your city, your country with someone from out of town? How much fun it is to explore the less known and often, off-the-beaten-path adventures because of your insight? That’s the difference. Your Host family has your back. Every day reveals wonderful excursions with truly authentic moments, not trite experiences, as tourist buses shlepp you from one place to the other. Your memories will be brimming with journeys rarely experienced, returning you home with unforgettable confidence that this was no ordinary expedition.

The truth of it is, it’s easy to stay in the shelter of a hotel – unequivocally. However, do you really travel around the world to simply see the tourist options of a country or, do you dare to dream, to immerse yourself and to fully experience the wealth of insight and adventure which awaits by staying with your Host family?

“The truth of it is much simpler than you know.” -Carpe Diem 

Last modified: August 25, 2023

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