Africa Stays With You

“You cannot leave Africa. It is always with you, there inside your head. Our rivers run in currents in the swirl of your thumbprints; our drumbeats counting out your pulse; our coastline, the silhouette of your soul.”



There are many ways to travel, and at SKYIN we believe CONNECTING TO THE CULTURE is crucial. IMMERSING yourself will allow for a more MEANINGFUL and rich experience. Living with a host family provides a UNIQUE and enriching perspective as well as a chance to truly get to know the people and share in the STUNNING treasures of their country.

Whether interested in diving into the culture of Nairobi, swimming in the beautiful ocean of Mombasa, spending the day in tribal villages or embarking on a wildlife safari, SKYIN will develop an extraordinary itinerary complete with the guidance of locals providing you with insights and tips. Host families share their knowledge of the area, the activities and the adventures. Their presence ensures a fun, safe and more enriching journey.

Adventure Through the Green City in the Sun
Explore Breathtaking White Sandy Beaches
Experience Authentic Kenyan Culture
Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Once you’ve decided to experience Kenya in a truly authentic way, SKYIN is here for you! You’ll help us get to know you and your group by completing our inquiry. We’ll pinpoint activities and excursions based on your feedback as well as identify which host family is the best fit.

Within 24-48 hours, SKYIN will contact you to discuss the nuances of your itinerary. If you like what you see, great! If there are things you’d like to change, then we’ll work hard to provide the perfect excursion bringing about the best of city, village, beach and safari options guided by your host family.


Once confirmed, we’ll set up video chats between you and your host family. You’ll arrive into Kenya feeling safe, secure, and comfortable having become familiar with your family ahead of time. During your stay, they’ll ensure a thorough exploration of the beauty and mystery this spectacular country has to offer.

Pricing for a SKYIN experience ranges from $2,300 - 4,800. / pp

All costs are inclusive except for international airfare. While we strongly recommend staying with one of our host families for the most immersive experience, lodging in hotels can be arranged as well.

  • For more information, call/text or send us an email to learn how you can experience Kenya like a local

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