Skyin safari tours Kenya

We strive to curate the ideal adventure tailored to our travelers’ wishes and desires. Our personalized and private excursions provide endless opportunities to explore at one’s own pace.



The intoxicating experience of being on an African safari is unlike anything else. Feel the mighty rumble underfoot as thousands of galloping wildebeest cross the open savannas, witness the commanding presence of African elephants at the river’s edge as they cool themselves from the afternoon heat, hear the gentle lionesses purring as they lay under the acacia tree grooming their cubs, or behold the regal giraffes as they comb the uppermost treetops searching for a midday snack.

Discover a multitude of unique safari experiences: guided game drives, hot air balloon, horseback riding, photography, running/walking/biking, or night game drives.

Sarova Camp Masai Mara

Elsa's Kopje Lodge Meru

Sasaab Camp Samburu

As night falls, our guests retreat to their luxurious tented camps and lodges, as they are soothed to sleep listening to the gentle animal murmurings just outside their window. The closing to a day destined for memories; this is the experience of a true Soul-Fari.

“There is something about safari life that makes you forget all your sorrows and feel as if you had drunk half a bottle of champagne - bubbling over with heartfelt gratitude for being alive.”
Karen Blixen - Author


Indigenous Tribal Villages

For over a decade, SKYIN has established meaningful relationships with indigenous villages across Kenya. We are entrenched within both the Maasai and Mijikenda tribes developing enriching opportunities for communities to authentically share their culture while creating a sustainable impact.

Following a comprehensive vetting, SKYIN was honored for its exclusive journeys into an authentic Maasai tribal village and has been initiated into the Kenya Tourism Board’s Signature Experience Collection. This prestigious collection of exceptional, immersive and sustainable travel experiences best features the wonder Kenya offers, beyond the veil of tourism.
Authentic Nairobi Homestays

SKYIN provides an exclusive opportunity to stay with a vetted host family in a suburban Nairobi residence. This allows our guests to experience the authentic culture, delicious food, and gracious people of Kenya. Our host families speak fluent English, undergo extensive training, and pass government background checks and screenings. Whether just spending an afternoon indulging in a family home-cooked dinner or staying overnight with a host family, travelers will discover keen insights into local culture and traditions, sharing a behind-the-scenes, intimate view of life in Kenya.

Nairobi Homestay

Modern conveniences provided include: private bedrooms and bathrooms, electricity, hot water showers, and accessible, complimentary WIFI. Our homestays are located in safe, gated neighborhoods in close proximity to emergency services including: major hospitals, police stations, government embassies, and Nairobi International Airport.


We also offer luxury boutique hotels while staying in the capital city of Nairobi. Our guests can select unique accommodations to best suit their needs. Another perfect place to unwind and relax following a day of exploration and discovery.

Skyin is about family, not strangers

The journey begins by scheduling pre-travel video chats with members of SKYIN’s operations team helping guests prepare for their upcoming excursion. Whether managing expectations regarding the itinerary, packing advice, cultural tips, or pre-travel requirements (visas, immunizations, currency exchange, etc.) our resources are here to support and guide them throughout their entire adventure.

If travelers elect to stay with a host family during their time in Nairobi, we provide the opportunity to connect with them ahead of time through video chats as well. This allows our guests to feel relaxed and confident, having met and spoken to their host family prior to arrival. Upon touchdown, their familiar bright smiles and warm hugs will welcome them as part of the family!


The lure of Kenya’s white sandy beaches is an enchanting destination. Coconut palm trees sway in the breeze as warm water ripples under foot. Adventures to local islands bespoke a sailing experience on traditional dhow boats uncovering the vibrant marine life through snorkeling and scuba diving excursions. Historical expeditions to ancient slave caves and archaic ruins tell the enduring stories of ancestors who have gone before.

Swahili Beach Resort

Swahili Beach Resort

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort

Whether relaxing on the beach or filling the day with adventure, our accommodations are elegantly appointed and conveniently located directly on the water. With the comforts of sumptuous linens within beautifully decorated rooms, each beach resort boasts a full spa, a variety of translucent pools, and delicious, diverse cuisine at an assortment of restaurants, putting the finishing touches on a memorable coastal visit.


Our company drivers do more than simply take travelers from one place to another. They also serve as SKYIN ambassadors by providing thoughtful and interesting information throughout their travels. Our drivers operate well-maintained, air-conditioned vehicles and all-terrain, 4×4 Land Cruisers with pop-up roofs for 360-degree visibility, to ensure comfort and safety throughout each excursion.

Every touch point in one’s experience is important. With SKYIN, we’re with our guests on the road and on the move.

Skyin safari tours Kenya
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